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Kesinol – Home Made Hair Oil 200ml

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Kesinol is our homemade hair oil without any preservatives. Using 17+ ingredients and we can assure that there are no adulterants. It promotes hair growth and  naturally

Indicated for  Hairfall, Lack of Sleep, Stress.

Quantity – 200 ml

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Kesinol – Home Made Ayurvedic Herbal Oil


  • Prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth naturally
  • Provides black color to hair
  • Prevents dandruff
  • Helps in increasing hair volume
  • Good for Preventing premature greying of hair
  • For sleeplessness and headache
  • Improves blood circulation to hair follicles and provides coolness to head and eyes
  • Provides Scalp Nourishment


Ingredients :

1. Neela Amari    2. Kayyonni

3. Nellikka          4. Kattarvazha

5. Thulasi            6. Uzhinja

7. Kunnikuru     8. Irattimadhuram

9. Anjanam         10. Jathiphalam

11. Karpooram    12. Cow’s Milk

13. Goat’s Milk   14. Coconut Milk

15. Buffalow’s Milk     16. Nallenna

17. Velichenna


Direction of Use :

1. Apply sufficient quantity of hair oil on the scalp.

2. Massage with fingers for 20 minutes.

3. Use cherupayar powder or chemparathi thali instead of soap for better results.

4. Rinse well with cold water.



*Snaps During Preparation


Weight 200 g


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